Active transportation: Selected projects

Active Transportation: Making it Work in Canadian Communities (Transportation Association of Canada) Part of a team that researched and synthesized the most effective approaches to making walking and cycling more successful

Evaluating Active Transportation Initiatives Using a Public Health Lens (Public Health Agency of Canada) Prepared a primer on measuring the health benefits of walking and cycling initiatives, including a logic model, keys to success, indicators of key outcomes, tools and data sources 

Mobilizing Knowledge on Active Transportation (Public Health Agency of Canada) Prepared a detailed summary of  provincial initiatives supporting active transportation and health across Canada, and led the delivery of a series of webinars on related topics

Active and Sustainable School Travel (Metrolinx) Wrote public reports on the policy context for school travel in Ontario, and on barriers and enablers for more active and sustainable school travel 

Active Transportation Surveys (Transport Canada) Part of a team that gathered and analyzed survey instruments and other data collection efforts related to active transportation in Canada

Active Transportation Briefing (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) Wrote a concise guide to best practices in active transportation for municipal elected officials in Canadian communities (to view, see our Samples page)

Municipal Cycling Plan (City of Ottawa) Part of a team that developed a comprehensive, long-range plan for cycling facilities and supporting programs

Guidelines for Accommodating Cyclists in Construction Zones and Road Closures (City of Ottawa) Wrote a unique guide to accommodating cycling in temporary conditions

Cycling and walking activity indicators (City of Ottawa) Part of a team that investigated new monitoring tools and techniques for active transportation, and developed a new Cycling Activity Index for local application

National Active Transportation Strategy (Transport Canada) Led workshops with federal, provincial and municipal government representatives to identify consensus on the value of a national active transportation strategy for Canada

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