Public transit: Selected projects

Transit Vision 2040 
(Canadian Urban Transit Association) Part of a team that developed a comprehensive 30-year vision for transit in Canada

Transit and Public Health (Canadian Urban Transit Association & Federation of Canadian Municipalities) Documented the impacts of transit on public health through air quality, climate change, safety, physical activity and social equity 

U-Pass Toolkit (Canadian Urban Transit Association) Wrote a comprehensive guide for colleges and universities to implement universal transit pass programs for students, including detailed case studies of three successful examples 

Transit Industry Communications (Canadian Urban Transit Association) Prepared more than 50 briefings and issue papers for government and transit industry audiences on topics including climate change, smart growth, transit marketing, rail transit, bus rapid transit, TDM, ITS, payroll-deduction transit pass programs, federal transit policy and budget priorities (to view issue papers, see our Samples page)

Transit Services Performance Report (City of Ottawa) Developed the first annual performance report for OC Transpo, featuring two dozen indicators

Transit Ridership Growth Plan (City of Ottawa) Developed a comprehensive summary of the broad range of initiatives that Ottawa will undertake to meet its ambitious long-term transit ridership objectives

Transit-Supportive Measures (Transport Canada) Part of a team that evaluated federal actions to support transit and other sustainable modes through land use, TDM and operations

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