Transportation demand management: Selected projects


Effective Strategies to Influence Travel Behaviour: Practical Guide (Transportation Association of Canada) Created a comprehensive, reader-friendly guide to help governments and their partners apply the principles of social marketing to encourage more sustainable travel behaviours by individuals

Transportation Demand Management for Canadian Communities: A Guide to Understanding, Planning and Delivering TDM Programs (Transport Canada) Researched and wrote this comprehensive guide that offers advice to help municipalities plan and implement TDM programs, based on lessons learned by Canadian communities (to view, see our Samples page)

Workplace Travel Plans: Guidance for Canadian Employers (Transport Canada and ACT Canada) Researched and wrote a concise, practical guide for organizations to make their employees' commuting activities more efficient and sustainable (to view, see our Samples page)

The Case for TDM in Canada (ACT Canada) Developed a comprehensive guide for TDM practitioners to effectively make the case for TDM to a wide array of key audiences, and compiled quantitative evidence of TDM impacts in environmental, social and economic areas (to view, see our Samples page)

Improving Travel Options in Small and Rural Communities (Transport Canada) Created a guide for practitioners seeking to plan and implement sustainable transportation initiatives outside urban centres  (to view, see our Samples page)

TDM Measurement Guidelines (Transport Canada) Senior advisor to a team that developed national guidelines for the measurement and evaluation of TDM initiatives

TDM Briefing (Federation of Canadian Municipalities) Wrote “Improving Travel Options with Transportation Demand Management,” a concise guide to best practices in TDM for municipal elected officials in Canadian communities (to view, see our Samples page)


Municipal TDM Strategy (City of Ottawa) Developed a long-term strategic approach and short-term work plan to help achieve the municipality’s TDM objectives

TDM Checklists for New Developments (City of Ottawa) Developed comprehensive guidance to help developers plan post-occupancy TDM measures as well as TDM-supportive site design and infrastructure 

Light Rail TDM Strategy (City of Ottawa) Part of a team that developed a targeted TDM strategy to support the construction and launch of Ottawa's new light rail line

Smart Commute Performance Measurement (Metrolinx) Benchmarked TDM performance measurement initiatives in North America, and developed a practical, effective approach to monitoring and reporting on workplace TDM programs in the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area 

TDM Outreach Strategy (Region of Waterloo) Developed a mid-term approach to expanding the TravelWise TDM program

TDM Strategy (City of Thunder Bay) Part of a team that developed the first TDM strategy for this Northern Ontario city

TDM Master Plan (City of Calgary) Part of a team that developed a comprehensive strategy for implementing TDM in Calgary

Pan Am and Parapan Am Games TDM Strategy (Ontario Ministry of Transportation) Part of a team that developed a plan to maximize sustainable travel across the metropolitan region during these international games

Regional Transportation Plan (Metrolinx) Part of a team that developed TDM and active transportation policy for a comprehensive transportation plan for the Greater Toronto and Hamilton Area

Community-based Social Marketing (Transport Canada) Researched possible applications of community-based social marketing to Transport Canada objectives and programs


Sustainable Mobility Strategic Plan (University of Saskatchewan) Part of a team that developed a strategy to increase transit ridership, carpooling, cycling and walking to the U of S campus in Saskatoon

ECOmobility Employee Travel Initiative (National Capital Commission) Led development of a strategy to increase sustainable commuting and business travel by employees of the NCC in Ottawa-Gatineau 

TDM Strategy for Federal Offices (Environment Canada) Led development of a TDM strategy for two large worksites in the National Capital Region, involving staff commuting surveys and comprehensive site assessments

Sustainable Transportation Needs Assessment (Natural Resources Canada) Led a review of opportunities and challenges related to reducing departmental GHG emissions from business travel and employee commuting 

Commuter and Business Travel Strategy (Canada Revenue Agency) Led development of a corporate strategy to reduce GHG emissions from commuting and business travel by the agency’s 40,000 employees

Transit Use for Business Travel (Canada Revenue Agency) Developed a pilot project to encourage employees to use public transit rather than taxis for local business travel 

Commuter Options Program (Halifax Regional Municipality) Part of a team that developed a plan and policies for a commuter options program to be implemented by the municipality 

TDM Information Kit (Nortel Networks) Prepared an information kit that introduced international employees to the company’s TDM program 

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